The Cinema of Vladimir Tyulkin


About Love (Tyulkin, 2005) will be screened as part of the Screening Nature Weekend, 19 May 2013, at the Whitechapel Gallery, London.

This film about a woman caring for dozens of unwanted dogs in her tiny apartment is one of Tyulkin’s experimental documentaries that are intimate portraits of unusual people. Despite focusing on individual characters, Tyulkin’s films are pictures of post-Soviet life from a perspective rarely addressed in mainstream documentary. Compassionate and horrifying, sympathetic and frantic, excremental and otherworldly, About Love is dominated by the bodies and sounds (and even smells) of the dog pack. But, as its title suggests, divine love is at the centre of this film, making almost literal the God-dog anagram.

Vladimir Tyulkin will be present to discuss his work after the screening.

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