Mute Doves and Beetles: The Films of Chen Sheinberg

Chen Sheinberg is a filmmaker, artist, and curator whose work has been screened internationally at festivals like Oberhausen. We are delighted to be showing three of Sheinberg’s films, Convulsion (1998), Blind (2001), and The Mute Dove (2012) at Screening Nature.


The Mute Dove (Chen Sheinberg, 2012)

Sheinberg’s films observe and attend to the daily lives of ordinary creatures. By focusing on the small detail, the faltering and unspectacular existence of urban animals, ordinariness imperceptibly gives way to the extraordinary. Sheinberg chooses the common dung beetle, the dove who cannot fly, or a blind stray cat to express something about the heartbreaking creaturelinesss of the everyday.

Chen Sheinberg will be present to discuss his work.

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